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One Spooky Cocktail

When we started Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon back in 2008, one thing we didn’t count on was the ghosts. Turns out that Independence is one of the most haunted towns in the state, filled with enough ghost stories to… Read More ›

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  • Ocean Aged Spirits

    Inside the barrel aging room at Rogue Spirits  on Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon.

    At the Rogue Distillery in Newport, Oregon our barrels have the best seat in the house.

  • A Cocktail For The Good Times

    Picking Apples 2

    Our orchard at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley had quite the comeback season. After three years of devastating spring frosts, this year we had an outstanding harvest of cherries, plums, peaches, pears, apricots and apples.

  • A Tail Of Two Harvests

    Pumpkin Picking

    The harvest season at Rogue Farms is all but wrapped up. The hazelnuts are falling in our neighbor’s orchard and the last our Dream pumpkins are coming off the patch. As we loaded up the baskets with nuts and pumpkins we had one of those proverbial “light bulb” moments. Nuts? Pumpkins? What a great idea for a drink!

  • A Hot Drink For Cool Nights

    Hazelnut Harvest

    With the afternoon breezes and cool nights of autumn, comes another ritual of the season, the hazelnut harvest.

  • A Toast To The Pioneers

    Oregon Trail Barlow Road Gary Halvorson OSA

    Just south of our barley fields in Tygh Valley you can still find wagon wheel ruts deeply embedded in the earth. They’re reminders of one of the great migrations in American history, when tens of thousands of pioneers left Missouri and headed west along the Oregon Trail.

  • The Tree That Won The War

    spruce thumbnail

    Wander for just a few minutes from the Rogue Distillery in Newport, Oregon, and you may soon find yourself standing next to a towering Sitka Spruce.

    These are some of the biggest and longest living trees in the world. They love the terroir of the Oregon coast. The temperate climate, the rainy winters and summer fog. In fact, Sitka Spruce is so well adapted to the Pacific Northwest Coast it doesn’t grow anywhere else.

    When we first crafted our Rogue Spirits gin we wanted to include the terroir of our hometown of Newport and what better way than by adding fresh picked needles of the iconic Sitka Spruce.

  • Boys, Have A Drink

    The wreck of the Peter Iredale in 1906. Salem Public Library photo.

    With our Distillery on the Oregon Coast, we at Rogue Spirits know how dangerous it can be when you make your living plying the waters of the North Pacific. The history of the coast is littered with shipwrecks. Perhaps the most famous of all was the Peter Iredale.

  • Take The Long Way Around

    Old ferry

    Just a few miles upriver from Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon is a reminder of an earlier and slower way of life.

  • Bottled By Hand

    Bottling Single Malt Vodka 02

    Before any Rogue Spirit heads out the door, we give it a final look over to check on quality and flavor. We can do that because we bottle all of our spirits by hand. If we’re really cranking we can… Read More ›


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