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  • A Farm Of Many Colors

    Badger Canyon Fall color nov 2013 featured

    This is the most beautiful time of year at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley, Oregon, where we grow the malting barley for Rogue Spirits.

    Auburn leaves on the hillsides. Deer playing hide and seek in the fields. Ducks and swans taking a break during their long migration south.

    I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.

  • Playing With Matches

    When the fires converge, the flames and smoke leap several feet into the air.

    We had a quite a show the other day at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley. That’s where we grow and malt the barley for Rogue Spirits.

    Flames 100 feet tall. Smoke even higher. An entire barley field burned away.

    But this wasn’t an accident or an act of nature. We started the fire so we can grow better barley.

  • Why You’ll Want To Drink Dead Guy Whiskey In The Dark

    Dead Guy Whiskey Barrel Cropped_edited-2

    Because it glows.

  • Talking Booze

    GADF 2013_39

    Craft spirits is in the same place where craft brewing was 25 years ago. New. Challenging. Revolutionary. Jam all that energy into one weekend and you get the Great American Distillers Festival.

  • Barley Harvest Continues Despite Wildfires

    Blackburn Fire 2 ODF Photo by Chris Friend crop

    It was quite the weekend at our barley farm near Tygh Valley, Oregon.

    We were just getting started with the harvest of our Dare™ spring malting barley last Friday when, all of a sudden, some thunderstorms moved in and drove us off the field.

    Nothing unusual about that this time of year. But just north of here, a more serious problem popped up that we didn’t see coming.

  • Knowing My Ingredients

    JM Barley Farm 20_web

    By John Maier,

    I’ve been away from the “office” a lot lately. Happens the same time every year. Last week I was at the Rogue Farms barley harvest in Tygh Valley, Oregon. And then had to hurry over to the farm in Independence for the rye harvest.

    It keeps me busy. But if I want to really know what’s going into the mash for our spirits, this is how I find out.

  • Slow And Steady Grows Better Spirits

    Winter Barley 2 July 2011 crop

    Forget for a minute the brief heat wave we’re getting. Looking back, this has been a mild spring and summer at the Rogue Farms barley farm near Tygh Valley, Oregon. Temps rarely cracked 80°F. The two varieties of malting barley we grow here, grow slowly in this kind of weather.

    And that’s what we want. The journey from grain to glass is better when you take the slow lane. And here’s why

  • A Taste Of (Real) Honey

    ExtractingHoney03 web

    By John Maier

    Time to let you in on a little secret.

    Over the past few months we’ve been experimenting with honey spirits. Not much to say beyond that.

    Distilling with honey is especially tricky because it’s easy to lose the honey flavor during distillation. So we’re trying out different ideas to see if we can craft a high quality spirit and still retain that golden, honey flavor.

  • The Vodka We Grow And Know

    Bottling Single Malt Vodka 06 web

    By John Maier Coming soon – Rogue Farms Oregon Single Malt Vodka, a small batch, hand made spirit that’s completely different than anything you’ve ever tried before. Where a lot of distillers start with generic alcohol that you can literally… Read More ›


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